Cherry Bitters

Our first break from an ethanol-based bitters, our Cherry Bitters are whiskey-based. This makes them an impeccable choice when used in an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, or any whiskey-based cocktail.

Cranberry Bitters

These limited edition bitters pair well with clear spirits and are a hit in holiday cocktails. They are an ideal ingredient for making proper gin martinis.

Hot Pepper Bitters

Add a kick with these spicy bitters. We use six different types of peppers to create a deep smoky flavor; bold, complex and with just enough fiery heat to liven any drink. These bitters add quite a punch to sauces and chowders as well.

Lemongrass Bitters

These bright and acidic bitters are inspired by South East Asian cuisine. With classic notes of ginger and lemongrass, the bitters were made to use in clear spirit cocktails. However, we have been delighted with their presence in so many of our rye cocktails as well.

Persimmon Bitters

Our flagship bitters were the first product we manufactured. Having an excess of persimmons at the bar we decided to turn them into bitters. With vanilla and pepper notes, these luxurious bitters gave birth to Owl & Whale, and remain one of our top sellers. It is a struggle not to put this ingredient in every one of our recipes.

Sea Smoke Bitters

These bitters are as alluring as their name. Sea Smoke delivers a smoked sea salt richness to any cocktail. Unlike most bitters, this smoky, salty favorite works well with sweet and sour drinks as well as boozy stirred cocktails.

Acid Phosphate

This was a fun project! Our desire to create stirred drinks that have an acidic mouth feel without adding citrus flavor drove us here. Beginning with food-grade orthophosphoric acid and ending several acids later we offer this pucker for your stirred drinks and old-style soda pops.

Blueberry Lavender Shrub

Want delicious? This rich vinegar-based syrup is ideally mixed with soda and citrus. The perfect mocktail. The perfect cocktail? Add a nice white rum.

Cherry Shrub

Our personal favorite: lush, rich, ambrosial, fun to mix into cocktails and a total crowd-pleaser. Besides using in many of our popular drinks, it makes a great glaze for pineapple slices on the grill and a banging barbecue sauce.

Pineapple Rosemary Shrub

This spicy little number is Hawaiian sunset in a bottle. Sweet and savory collide in a sublime romance of flavors. We may roll out a tiki line someday and if we do so, this will be our flagship product. An essential ingredient in many cocktail recipes, we also have used it in salad dressings, marinades and an onion marmalade, and we could not be more pleased with the results.