In the chaotic and competitive bar industry of transient employees and beverage trends, let Owl and Whale be a supporting pillar of your business.

We believe in a welcoming atmosphere. We believe in well crafted cocktails, and a well stocked bar. We believe in efficiently run systems, and a hospitable and well-trained staff.

From breaking new ground to saving a hidden gem, Owl and Whale works within your budget, to fulfill your every bar need.


Menu Creation:  Our team of professionals works within your concept to create a menu of original cocktails and mocktails. We work closely with your staff to create from-scratch syrups, shrubs, tinctures, infusions, and more. We offer seasonal updates for your menu, and a cataloging system for your program’s own personal recipe book.

Personnel Training:  We offer attentive training of bar staff and wait staff, from understanding the basics of shaking and stirring to the fine art of mixing your original cocktails. We walk your staff through the history and assembly of classic cocktails. We offer a comprehensive recipe book of classic cocktails so every bartender can make the classics exactly the same. Staff can never be over-educated.

Pricing Analytics:  Owl & Whale can help you run a profitable bar program, keeping your costs around 25% of sales. With efficient pouring, proper menu pricing, and waste reduction we will put you on the road to increasing your business income.

Inventory Control / Spirits Selection:  We offer tools for tracking inventory. We provide a comprehensive and essential spirits list for optimal cocktail creation and customer satisfaction. Whether you need to build up your portfolio, or streamline your costs, we can assist you. Reducing waste and controlling inventory are keys to unlocking maximum profit margins.

Farm to Glass Specialization:  We help you to incorporate local spirits, beers, wine, fruits, and vegetables into your bar program. Not only is this environmentally savvy, it will increase the chances of social media resharing with applicable tagging of your cocktail images, which we encourage you to post on a semi-regular basis.

Add-ons:  Cocktail Photography, Steps of Service, Environmental Consciousness, Wine Class, Beer Class, Spirits Class, Management Master Class…and more.